Sunday, September 21, 2008

Max by Bob Graham

Our Year Two classes are reading some past CBC winners. This week we re-visited Max by Bob Graham. I love this author/illustrator. His books are such special treasures. My favourite is actually the first book he wrote – Pete and Roland. This is most certainly out of print but as in Max, Bob Graham uses exquisite language to describe small but special moments. Roland leaves little breath marks on the mirror with his budgie breath. Max learns to fly but he does not become a superhero like his mum and dad he is content to be a small hero doing quiet deeds. Look closely at the end papers before you begin this book - front of plane, back of plane, morning, evening, Max in a stroller, Max can fly - so much information from two pictures.

My other favourite Bob Graham titles are Greetings from Sandy beach (this one demands you read with a special book voice) and Let’s get a pup whereKate briefly wore him like a hat”.

Bob Graham does not have a web site but I am sure you will find heaps of his very special books in any library or bookshop. If you see Oscar's half birthday look for the candles in the soap dish beside the bath. Bob Graham once saw this in a house he moved into. Try to read a Bob Graham book to one special child and enjoy all the tiny little details in his marvellous illustrations.

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