Sunday, April 26, 2009

Emmy and the incredible shrinking rat by Lynne Jonell

I went shopping with a friend the other day and she exclaimed in great shock when she saw the sequel to Emmy and the Incredible shrinking rat and realised I had not read this inventive and engaging story. This meant of course that I grabbed our copy of Emmy and the incredible shrinking rat and read it all in one sitting.

Emmy has a truly awful Nanny who we at once suspect of evil intent. Her mum and dad are constantly absent on overseas holidays and Emmy has no friends because at school she seems to be invisible. By about page 130 I worked out what was going on but then I panicked in case Emmy herself did not work out just what Miss Barmy was up to and how she was using special chemicals supplied by an amazing range of rodents, to control Emmy, her parents, her teacher and her classmates.

I especially liked the names Lynne Jonell gave her characters Miss Barmy the nanny, Mr Herbifore the teacher, Professor Vole - he is evil and in love with Miss Barmy and Professor Capybara who is a special friend and hero to Emmy. My favourite character is The Endear Mouse “What a tiny little thing, and so pretty! Its fawn coloured fur looked as soft and light as dandelion fuzz…. The little mouse curled its tail up tight. It looked at Emmy, its enormous brown eyes thoughtful. And then it reached out a paw and patted Emmy’s finger exactly three times in quick succession.” The word ‘exactly’ tells the reader this mouse has very special qualities that just might restore the love of her parents.

This book is funny, adventurous and filled with bravery and friendship. I would recommend it to any Primary aged child. Now I just need to get my hands on the sequel!

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