Thursday, December 24, 2009

The flower by John Light

I am currently reading a selection of picture books that we added to our library this year. The Flower is an interesting allegory about the subversive information available in books. Brigg reads about flowers in a banned book. There are no flowers in his futuristic and bleak city. Wandering the streets Brigg sees a picture just like the one from the book he smuggled out of the library. He buys the picture and discovers it is a seed packet. Using dust collected from the streets he nurtures the plant and in time his room is filled with beautiful flowers.

In a scene reminiscent of Josephs Yard by Charles Keeping, one morning while Brigg is at work, the automatic cleaning system sucks his plant away.

Look for this special book in your library. The illustrations (here is a lovely web site for the illustrator) are perfect and so is the ending which is filled with hope for the future.


John Light said...

I'm John Light.
I am delighted that you liked The Flower. The response of readers to this book has given me so much pleasure. Nothing makes writing so worthwhile as to know that people appreciate what you have written. For me this is especially so fof my children's books.
If you want to look there is more about them at my website
John Light

Momo said...

Hearing from the author is the most exciting part of my blog. Thanks for taking the time to comment and share.