Sunday, March 28, 2010

Robot Riot by Andy Griffiths

On pages 48 and 49 of Robot Riot Andy Griffiths has the top ten list of things you should never do to a book as written by Mr Shush the Teacher-Librarian at Northwest Southeast Central School. I first met the wonderful (highly stereotyped) Mr Shush in Pencil of Doom. Robot Riot is the fourth book in this funny Schooling around series.

My Favourites on the top ten list are :

Never lick the print off a book, no matter how good it tastes
Never put a book in a fish tank even if it is a book about fish
Never attach wheels to a book and use it as a skate board
And never attach two ropes to a book and attach one end of each rope to a horse and then move the horses away from each other until the rope tightens and the book is ripped apart!!

There is a new kid at school and our hero Henry McThrottle is immediately suspicious. She seems to be too good at everything including art and Henry's speciality - writing. Now all Henry has to do is convince his friends, especially Jenny Friendly, that Roberta is not to be trusted!

I did enjoy Pencil of Doom more than Robot Riot but there were some funny moments. I kept hoping Roberta really was ….. whoops I won’t give it all away. I do enjoy stories about Robots. Eager and Eager's Nephew by Helen Fox are two books on my top 50 all time favourites list and I really enjoy reading Parker Hamilton a short story by Robin Klein in her anthology Ratbags and Rascals.

I wonder if Northwest Southeast Central School will win the tidy school competition perhaps we will find out in the next exciting installment. If you want a quick, funny book with heaps of characters, kids and teachers, that you recognise from your school then pick up a copy of this book today.


Michaela said...

we always devour any Andy Griffiths book in one gulp! Will look out 4 this one. Thanx!

Michaela said...

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