Sunday, May 23, 2010

Gregor and the Prophecy of Bane by Suzanne Collins

You may have read my review of Gregor the Overlander, book one in the Underland Chronicles. Now I have read Book 2, Gregor and the prophecy of Bane and it was certainly another page turner.

Boots is kidnapped and Gregor must follow her into the Underland where once again there is a mysterious prophecy which seems to involve Gregor. At the heart of this quest Gregor must find The Bane, an albino rat who is said to be ready to take over the world. The most distressing part of this prophecy seems to involve Boots, Gregor’s baby sister. “Die the baby, die his heart, die his most essential part.” But Boots is a little girl. Who is this prophecy really talking about?

The loyalty of the friends – bats, cockroaches and Underlanders along with one very special rat and some annoying fireflies is all put the test as Gregor and his companions travel to the Labyrinth. As in the first installment the scenes of battle and death are filled with blood and horror. Early on their journey Gregor is attacked by a giant squid. “As the squid had held on to him the longest and he had no fur to protect his skin… he saw the swollen red circles were beginning to ooze pus. His whole body felt hot and skaky.”

There are five books in this series but after the horrors endured here I will take a little break before tackling Gregor and the curse of the Warmbloods. This is such good writing that you really feel every twist, turn and jolt plus the true horror of claustrophobia in this underground world. The final scenes, though, do make the whole experience very worthwhile.

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