Thursday, July 8, 2010

Keena Ford and the second-grade mix up by Melissa Thomson

We have a new kid in the class joining Clarice Bean, Judy Moody, Billie B Brown, Clementine, June B Jones and Amber Brown. We now welcome Keena Ford.

Keena is not really sure how to write the date for her birthday. Here is a simple way to explain to your students why the date is called 9/11. Keena’s birthday is not on 2nd September but she writes 9/2 on the Birthday graph her new teacher is constructing and the teacher immediately jumps to the wrong conclusion that Keena is celebrating her birthday tomorrow! There will be Birthday crowns and chocolate cake and Keena loves chocolate cake almost as much as she loves a pudding pie (I have no idea what a pudding pie is but it sounds extra delicious). Adding to her problems the second grade children have been split into two classes of boys and girls. Eric, Keena’s best friend, makes his boy class sound fabulous – no rules, you can chew gum, and best of all “you get to write with a PEN! … I thought it was against the law to write with a pen in the second grade.”

Then Keena discovers they even eat pudding pie in Eric’s class and this happens EVERY day so Keena knows she has to investigate. We know if she does this she will heading to Mr Lemon’s class again – he teaches time-out!

I will certainly hunt out the second book in this terrific junior series because I know it will be a winner.

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Melissa Thomson said...

Thank you so much for reading about Keena's mix-ups! I'm so glad you enjoyed the book! :)


Melissa Thomson