Sunday, September 26, 2010

Frank Asch and Moonbear

Our Kindergarten classes have spent the last three or four weeks exploring the world of Frank Asch and his little character Moonbear. At first glance these books seem so simple and yet each has a layer of science which the children a this age love to identify.

Asch sets up the science message with four small squares at the beginning of each book. In these pictures we see something changing. It might be a rainbow in Skyfire, the position of the moon in Moon Game, a tree through the seasons in Happy Birthday Moon or a tadpole in Moonbear’s Pet.

I think the special appeal of these books comes from the simple device that the young reader is way smarter than our little bear hero. Did he really visit the moon to eat moon cake? Of course not the children all shout. Did he really put out the skyfire with his bucket of water? Did he really give the moon a lovely hat for his birthday? As as added bonus I am even lucky enough to own a little Moonbear toy and when he emerges from my library bag there is usually quite a squeal of delight!

Frank Asch has a fun web site and there are quite a few videos on the internet of his lovely books. Every Moonbear book is a delight – look for them in your library today. I should also mention Bear and Little bird enjoy some delicious Honey Cake in Skyfire. If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know I love the idea of honey cake.

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