Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ghost in the Machine by Patrick Carman

You can read my blog entry for the first book in this series. I must confess I only watched two of the videos – the first and the last and I watched them after I read this book. The book does stand alone and while I am sure most readers will love all those videos personally I found the two I watched a little slow and the heavy breathing drove me a slightly crazy.

All that to one side I did enjoy Ghost in the Machine even more than Skeleton Creek. The tension in these stories is fabulous.

Ryan and Sarah need desperately to solve this mystery. Why does the ghost of Joe Bush still haunt the dredge and how exactly is Ryan’s father involved in all of this? I liked the double life of the town librarian, the idea of writing on walls in your sleep, blue rock and all the science/alchemy ideas. Gold and greed are at the heart of this story but the ending will surprise you.

Since communication between our two heroes is limited to emails, the internet and text messages Carman keeps the reader on the edge of his or her seat as each small fragment of this mystery is revealed.

Go to the web site of the author to see him in person.

You need the book in your hand to view all the videos because for each one you need a password. Is this a marketing ploy or just a clever union of the book with the web – I have to say I am not sure?

Here is a very comprehensive review of these two books if you would like to know more. You will need to read book one first to make sense of Ghost in the Machine but if you enjoy a great mystery look for this book today. And YES the third book has just been released.

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