Sunday, February 6, 2011

Violet Mackerel's brilliant plot by Anna Brandord

Here is a lovely concept – how to have a very important and brilliant idea. Keep your eyes open for small treasures lying on the ground such as a sequin, a button, a shell or a piece of ribbon. When you find something pick it up and then try to remember what you were thinking about at the precise moment you spied the small thing. This reminded me of Stargirl which is a novel for older students.

I like this idea of finding treasure because it relates to the theory of mindfulness and mindfulness is a key to happiness.

This is a charming little book. Call me old fashioned but I really like the size, the hardcover binding, the beautiful pencil illustrations and even the smell of this junior novel.

You can read more about this book including a Competition and how to make a small thing collection for yourself at the author web site.

The themes of this book are happiness through dreams and perseverance. Violet Mackerel loves a tiny blue bird she sees on a stall at the local market. She goes to this market each week with her mother, sister and brother. Violet's father has left the family and her mum has reinvented herself and found a new dream and a great skill - knitting.

Violet has no money but she would love to own the little blue bird so she embarks on some 'out of the square' thinking.

This is the first book in a series and it is one I will recommend to my younger readers especially those who understand the idea of determination!

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