Sunday, June 12, 2011

For dog lovers Aussie Nibbles

Two new Aussie Nibbles are about dogs. In Where’s Sunday we meet Sunday and his family. Sal is responsible for Sunday but as they return from a day at the beach her little brother Toby needs to throw up on the side of the road after drinking a very large blue milkshake with sprinkles on top.

Everyone climbs back into the car and Sal becomes absorbed in the book she is reading what no one realises Sunday has been left behind. This then becomes the longest night of Sal’s life as she frets for her dog. Luckily Sunday as a collar and tag with his name and phone number and so you can be sure there is a happy reunion on the horizon.

Crusher Kevin is an even better story for dog lovers. Charlie is getting a new house. Each day he walks past the construction site. When valuable materials are delivered the foreman puts a fence around the yard and installs Crusher as a guard dog. Charlie has a dream that when he moves into his new house he will get a puppy of his very own. Crusher does not match this image at all. “He liked dogs, but not this one. A dog like that could rip your arms off.” In fact Charlie is so scared of Crusher he won't go near him then one day Crusher climbs under the fence and Charlie and his mum find him down the road. This is the beginning of a change in their relationship.

Names can reveal your true character. Charlie calls this dog Crusher but his real name is Kevin and as Charlie learns Kevin was rescued from the pound and he sees Kevin wagging his tail and suffering in a rain storm Charlie gradually comes to love this large back dog. This is an Aussie Nibble with a lot of heart. The ending is very special. If you are a dog lover look out for these two easy stories with their terrific dog characters.

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