Sunday, September 18, 2011

Yin's magic dragon by Lau Siew Mei

Here is a terrific junior novel. It will take you only minutes to read this slim book but I am sure all Dragon lovers will enjoy this lively little story.

I think it was the gold cover that first caught my interest and then I saw the endorsement from Carole Wilkinson - she has written a fabulous series of books about dragons - I knew this would be a little gem.

Yin has a pet dragon and she calls him Dragon. He looks fierce and he does try to breathe flames but really he is just a very special friend to Yin who has busy parents and no siblings. Yin also has a wonderful grandmother called Po Po. She cooks the most delicious treats to Yin. Trouble comes when Yin's mother becomes jealous of the special relationship that has formed between Yin and Po Po. Mother send Po Po away and on that day Dragon also disappears. Yin has now started school which should be exciting but Yin is just miserable. There are plenty of tears each evening. Mother has some lessons to learn about love and sharing and even communication and of course there is a very happy ending all round.

I do find it exciting when I find a satisfying story like Yin's Magic Dragon that is also just perfect for beginning readers.

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