Sunday, February 26, 2012

Little Big Feet by Ingrid and Deiter Schubert

When I see the word pandemonium on the first page of a picture book I know it will be a winner. Here is an author who does not talk down to young readers. Even more wonderful is the fact that this book is a translation. It was originally written in Dutch.

Little Big Feet is a small witch. She has been teased once too often by the witches who live between the earth and sky and so she has left her home. Just like Pinocchio’s nose, every time a spell goes wrong for Little Big Feet her feet grow larger. Luckily for our little witch friend she has landed in the home of Maggie an eminently sensible girl who has perhaps also endured some teasing but Maggie has found a strategy to cope. “Everyone has something wrong with them,’ she said. ‘Look at my sticking out ears.” Maggie has a lovely idea. She paints the witch’s shoes and they look fabulous.

Little Big Feet has broken her broomstick. Maggie has a toothbrush that is just the right size but before flying home Little Big Feet gives her teeth a thorough brushing and her magical powers are restored. As a parting gift Little Big Feet gives Maggie the gift of flying.

My favorite part of Little Big Feet comes right at the end. The little witch sends a special letter to Maggie with no words just pictures. It is a delight to decipher. This book is almost certainly out of print but again you might be lucky and find a copy in your library.

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