Friday, October 4, 2013

Compost Stew by Mary McKenna Siddals illustrated by Ashley Wolff

It might seem a little difficult to imagine liking a picture book about compost but this is one that will make you smile and it might even inspire you to make your own compost stew. We are collecting books for our library on the theme of sustainability and that is why I am sharing this book.

Compost Stew is told in a rhyme with simply gorgeous collage illustrations.  Here is a sample of the text :

"Environmental chefs,
here's a recipe for you
to fix from scratch
to mix a batch
of Compost Stew.
Apple cores
Bananas, bruised
Coffee grounds with filters, used.

Can you see a pattern here?  This book is an A to Z of compost.  While a few of the ingredients may be unfamiliar to an Australian child I like to think this might lead to lots of discussion.

If you want to be inspired to make compost, if you want to introduce this idea to a young child, it your class have a garden then you should grab this book.  Here is a web site with three brilliant videos, teaching ideas and more details about composting with children.

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Mary McKenna Siddals said...

Thanks so much for encouraging everyone to dig in and enjoy COMPOST STEW! I'm delighted to find my book so enthusiastically described as one that will evoke smiles and inspire readers to whip up their own batch of COMPOST STEW! For anyone so inclined, additional composting resources and activities may also be found on my website at