Thursday, February 27, 2014

Someday by Eileen Spinelli illustrated by Rosie Winstead

I picked this book up in our library the other day because the cover had fallen off.  I bought Someday home to read and I am very glad I did.  This lovely book could be used as a writing stimulus for our students.  It follows a simple structure.  The narrator shares her plans and hopes using alternating words "Someday", "Today", "Someday", "Right now", "Someday", "Today", "Someday", "In the meantime" and so on.

"Someday I will be invited
to the White House
to have lunch
with the president.
He will want my ideas
on world peace.
I will wear white gloves
and a hat with a rose
pinned to it.
I will bring the present
a box of golf balls.
The White House waiter
will pour tea.
I will eat my salad carefully.
No spills on the rug."

The dreams of the little girl are so ambitious and unfailingly positive.  She wants to be an artist, swim with dolphins, try her hand at archaeology, dine with the president, travel to Antarctica and Egypt and win an Olympic gold medal.   This book would also make a perfect read-a-loud to a young child.  The illustrations are filled with joy and movement.  I especially liked her little buck teeth that poke through every smile.

Click here to see all the books by Eileen Spinelli and I also recommend taking a few minutes to click through the work of the illustrator Rosie Winstead.

Another book that uses this idea of real life and imagination is Kirsty Knows best illustrated by the wonderful Anthony Browne and Imagine by Alison Lester.  You might also enjoy Daydream Dan by Sarah Garson.

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