Sunday, May 25, 2014

Urgency Emergency Big bad Wolf by Dosh Archer

"He may be a wolf,' said Doctor Glenda, 'but he is still our patient.  He only has minutes to live! Nurse Percy, can you overcome your fear of wolves and help me save him?' Nurse Percy pulled himself together. 'Good job,' said Doctor Glenda. 'Wait,' cried Nurse Percy.  'What is that noise? Where is it coming from?' It was coming from inside Wolf."

I picked up this slim hardcover beginner chapter book called Urgency Emergency Big bad Wolf without much thought.  It has big big printing so I knew I could read it quickly. Wait slow down.  I reached the pages above and realized I had missed an important clue.  I turned back and saw a little sheep sitting in the waiting room of the hospital - "someone in a red coat who was crying because she couldn't find her grandma."

Have you guess the story?  Yes it is Red Riding Hood in another guise.  This is a fabulous and funny spoof with an ending that will make you cheer.  There are others in the series too which I need to add to my shopping list.  If you need to know more about this little book click the Kirkus link below.

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kinderbooks said...

I have the whole series and they are never in the library. Just the right level, but with plot, humour and connections to be made!