Monday, June 9, 2014

No place like home by Jonathan Emmett illustrated by Vanessa Cabban

The end of this picture book will make you sigh with happiness as Mole discovers there is "no place like home".  Following the age old tradition of "the grass is always greener" Mole heads off one day in search of a new home.  He thinks his burrow is too small, dark and dull.  Each of his friends invite him into their home but one is too windy, one feels quite unsafe and the last one is too wet. Returning to his original home, Mole discovers it is snug, safe and dry - it is of course perfect.  Better still it is a place where all of his friends also feel right at home.

This is a special picture book to share with a very young child.  I think we might read it in our library later this year when the new preschool children visit our school.

No place like home is not a new book (published in 2004) but it is a new addition to our library.  There are five books featuring the characters of Mole, Hedgehog, Squirrel and Rabbit.  We have Bringing down the moon and The best gift of all.  The other two are Diamond in the snow and A secret worth sharing.

Here is some information about the author and here is his website.

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