Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sable by Karen Hesse illustrated by Marcia Sewall

"She was all the dog I ever wanted, dark brown except for a blaze of white on her chest and the tip of her tail.  Even with brambles stuck in her dusty fur, there had never been a more perfect dog."

"Sable smelled like dried leaves, and dust, and pine trees. Her warm breath tickled inside my ear.  ... holding her face between my hands ... 'Sable,' I whispered.  For the first time she looked straight at me.  Her eyes shone like chocolate melting in the pan, all liquid and warm and sweet."

I wanted to begin this entry about Sable with these two quotes so you could appreciate the beauty of this writing. If you love dogs then this is a perfect book.

A dog appears on Tate's doorstep.  Tate names her Sable but her mother has a strong fear of dogs and will not allow this one to stay especially when Sable starts 'taking' things from the neighbours.  Sable is banished to a far off property but when Tate arrives weeks later to rescue her, Sable has disappeared.  Yes the ending is predictable but this story telling is so exquisite you just want to keep reading and reading.

You might also enjoy Shiloh, One dog and his boy and  How to steal a dog,   You should also look for Lavender by Karen Hesse.

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