Sunday, August 9, 2015

Finding Monkey Moon by Elizabeth Pulford illustrated by Kate Wilkinson

Every now and then a book reaches our library that is just so very special it makes me gasp out loud. Once again Bloomin Books have sent us a truly wonderful book.  Finding Monkey Moon is the perfect book for a young child.  It has a story young children will relate to, a moment of tension and a warm affirming resolution all captured through stunning illustrations.

It is bedtime.  Every night Michael and Monkey Moon head upstairs to bed but tonight his precious friend is missing.  Dad and Michael conduct an extensive search and then dad realizes Monkey Moon is probably down at the park so they put on their coats and head off into the dark night.

Here are some writing gems from this book

"their breath fluttering like moths in the cold air"
"His cry carried through the darkness and fell into the fold of quiet"

You might also enjoy Can't you sleep little bear by Martin Waddell, Knuffle Bunny by Mo Willems and Sleep Tight Baboon bear by Bette Westera.  This might also give you the opportunity to revisit classic books like Corduroy, Ducky's nest and Where are you Blue Kangaroo?

Here is the web site for Elizabeth Pulford where you can see the impressive body of work by this New Zealand author.

Here is an illustration from this book which is the first by Kate Wilkinson.  You can find her web site here. I am also including an alternate cover which comes from the US.  I think it spoils the story - don't you?


Kate Wilkinson illustrator said...

Thank you so very much for your wonderful review! I am so thrilled! I would love to add the link to my website to this thread.

Thanks again!

Momo said...

Sure I would also be thrilled if you added this link to your site. I get so exited when a "real" illustrator or author reads my blog. Congratulations on your beautiful illustrations. Finding Monkey moon is a very special book.

Kate Wilkinson illustrator said...

Thank you so much! I have added a page to my website for links to reviews and popped you in there. Would you mind editing your original post to include my website? To catch people who don't scroll down to comments ;).

Thanks again! I read your review right at the the right moment. I was feeling disheartened as I haven't been seeing Finding Monkey Moon in bookstores. I was searching to see if it was popping up online. Your words really cheered me up :)

Momo said...

No problem - I have added the link. Perhaps I will see you at the IBBY congress in 2016 in Auckland?