Monday, September 21, 2015

The case of the weird blue chicken by Doreen Cronin illustrated by Kevin Cornell

This is the second madcap adventure by the Chicken Squad and I must confess I missed the first (yes it is in our school library) but it did not seem to matter I quickly fell into the workings of the squad and their riotous exploits.

The squad consists of four odd ball chicks named :


You lost it.
We'll find it.
You broke it?
We'll fix it.
In trouble?
We'll get you out.
Looking for trouble?
We'll bring it to you.

A tiny blue bird shows up at the chicken coop with a problem.  Someone has kidnapped her house. This is the perfect case for our squad.  You can read more about this adventure when you click the Kirkus link below :

Please take a minute to listen to this little audio sample - it is perfect!  This book might work well as readers theatre or adapted as a play with your class.  If you have not read any other books by Doreen Cronin look in our library.  I love reading Vote for Duck each year to our grade six students when they are talking about government.  This same book is called Duck for President in the US.

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kinderbooks said...

My students love these. They are far more popular than the two original mystery books that they were in before the spinoffs.