Monday, December 28, 2015

Grade Six students recommend


At this time of year I like to give you a list of the titles our Grade Six students have mentioned in their Year Book.  Here is one from the past.  You might also like to compare 2014 with this year.

Their entries for this publication follow the format

Name, birthday, sporting house, High School, school duties in Grade 6, friends, likes, dislikes AND

The best book I ever read is ...

Many students mentioned these :

  • Skulduggery pleasant series
  • Rangers apprentice series
  • Wonder
  • Hatchet
  • The Giver
  • Deltora Quest series
  • Shadow by Michael Morpurgo 
  • Tom Gates
  • Gangsta Granny
  • Heroes of Olympus
  • Alex Rider series
  • Diary of a wimpy kid series
  • Sisters Grimm series
  • Treehouse series by Andy Griffiths
Other students mentioned these :

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