Monday, January 25, 2016

Little Answer by Tim Hopgood

I am making a collection of books that teachers might use as a writing stimulus.  You can see the covers of some I have gathered.

Little Answer is such a special book and will be added to this collection.  I adore the pictures and the voice of the Little Answer himself. He squeaks hopefully, he tries to sound clever and he mutters the answer.

Perhaps you are wondering what is the answer?  Well it is


Sadly, though,  this is perhaps not the answer to questions such as :

What makes the world go round?
What makes the wind?
What lights up the moon at night?
Where does everything come from?
What are clouds made of?

"Everyone agreed that "sausages!" was probably not the right answer.  
'Don't worry,' said Snail.
'You'll find your question I'm sure of it.'
'You mustn't give up now!' insisted Snail as Little Answer wondered off on his own."

Here are some ideas to extend your reading of this book.  I think it would be fun to think of a little answer and then write a story using the structure here where the final question does match the answer.  Here is a whole unit of work.  I should also mention there are are answers to the deep questions listed above in the back of the book.  Researching and presenting answers to the 'big' questions devised by students could also be an excellent way to develop the themes of this book.

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