Sunday, February 7, 2016

Victor's Quest by Pamela Freeman illustrated by Kim Gamble

I have been recommending Victor's Quest for years (actually I just discovered this book is 20 years old in 2016) so last week I thought I should do a little re-reading.

This is a perfect little fantasy story for a young reader.  Victor is sent away from the castle by his mother.  He must go on a quest to find a princess to marry.  Marigold, the palace gardener, supplies three natural magic potions.

1.  Woundwort - a very good antiseptic
2.  Feverfew - make this into a tea and drink it sweetened with honey
3.  Eye Balm - for when your eyes are tired.  It should be rubbed on the eyelids.

Victor and his faithful old horse Quince set out riding through the Dark Forest of Nevermore. Along the way there are three incidents. Each time Victor is able to use one of the potions and thus make some very good friends who in turn are able to help him when he does find the right girl (even though she is not a Princess!)

Victor's quest would be a terrific little book to read aloud to a class.  The illustrations by Kim Gamble are perfect.

You might also enjoy The Pea and the Princess which features a special palace gardener.  I adore this illustration from the end papers.

There is a sequel to this book called Victor's Challenge and the character Victor himself comes from an earlier book series by Pamela Freeman called The Floramonde books and beginning with The Willow tree's daughter.  We have these in our school library too.

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