Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Frank Show by David Mackintosh

Grandad Frank is a real Class Act

Class Act - this has two meanings in this book.  Grandad is the star of the show - a class act but also when he visits the classroom you might call this a class act!

Our narrator needs to talk about a family member for show and tell on Friday.  "We can choose one person and talk for one minute, about the things they like and what kind of person they are."  Sadly our narrator cannot see all the advantages of talking about Grandpa Frank or better yet inviting Frank to talk to the class.  "Frank is just a grandad."  Luckily Frank does come to school and he is a hit.

"He carries coloured combs in his pocket."
"He has a special hearing aid that doesn't use batteries."
"He keeps a folded fifty dollar bill in his shoe, and a double headed coin in his hip pocket."

The Frank Show is perfect for our youngest students as they study history through objects. Take a close look at this typewriter.  Even the brand is funny.

Along with typewriters in this book you will see a set of barber's tools, a gramophone, an old concertina style camera and lots more on his shelf of memories.   One little detail that made me smile was the number plate on Franks old car - 388 OAP.

Here is a brief set of teacher notes.  This review makes some good points about ways to discuss this book and things to notice in the illustrations.  You can read an interview with David Macintosh here.

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