Saturday, November 5, 2016

What is a child? by Beatrice Alemagna

One of the most important parts of this very special picture book is the dedication.  You probably mostly skip this part but here it is :

To every grown-up
who has never forgotten
their yellow dog.

Now watch this amazing animation by the author where she talks about her inspiration for this book.

Back to the dedication.  When you read page ten you can see the yellow dog.  I am an adult who has not forgotten her yellow dog.

My favourite page has these words :

"Children have little things, just like them: a little bed, bright little books, a little umbrella, a little chair. Yet they live in a very big world: so big that cities don't exist, buses to up into space and stairs never end."

Read this review to discover more about this very different, but important book.  It would be good to share this book with a group of older students and have them reflect on the meaning of each statement and then perhaps add their own wisdom.  This book would also inspire students to create art or portraits perhaps in the distinctive style of Beatrice Alemagna.

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