Wednesday, December 21, 2016

My reading pile - more titles

This is part two of my post about my holiday reading pile.

Wolf Hollow by Lauren Wolk has an interesting cover.
The prologue says :
"The year I turned twelve, I learned that what I said and what I did mattered.  So much, sometimes, that I wasn't sure I wanted such a burden. But I took it anyway, and I carried it as best I could."

The shark caller by Dainne Wolfer
Dianne Wolfer is the author of the senior picture book Photographs in the mud which is a moving account of events from World War II when Australia and Japan were at war. She also wrote the short listed book Granny Grommet and me.

" ... there is a tragic reason for the trip.  Her twin brother, Ray, died in a freak diving accident, and Izzy and her mum and are taking his ashes home. ... Izzy's cousin Noah explains that the clan needs someone to undertake a traditional diving ritual. The person must be a twin from the shark-calling lineage. The dive will be perilous. And Izzy is the last twin."

Nooks and crannies by Jessica Lawson
Kirkus call this one a 'swell mystery'.
Here is an extract from the blurb :

"Tabitha Crum is a girl with a big imagination and a love for mystery novels, though her parents think her only talent is being a nuisance."

Oddly I am not a huge fan of Michael Morpurgo but many of my students are avid readers of his books and we have a full shelf of them in our library.  An Eagle in the snow was a title selected for our NSW School Magazine bookshelf list in 2016. You can listen to an audio sample here.

Furthermore by Tahereh Mafi
Here is the blurb :

"In a world brimming with colour and magic. Alice's pale skin and milk-white hair mark her as an outcast. For the people of Ferenwood, colour and magic are one and the same. Alice is determined to prove her magical abilities and solve the mystery of her father's disappearance. To do so she'll have to  travel into the mythical, dangerous land of Furthermore. But nothing there is as it seems and Alice may never find her way home."

Kirkus describe this as a 'smashing fantasy.'

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