Thursday, April 6, 2017

Out by Angela May George and Owen Swan

Out is a very special book and it has been listed for our CBCA Book of the Year Awards.  The text of Out is both spare and profound.  Take a line like this :

"some days, when there's a loud bang, I drop to the floor."  You might like to compare this with a with The Long Journey which is a fabulous documentary which I use with our senior classes each year.  There is so much to discuss about why the little girl is so afraid.  We only know the little girl has "seen horrible things."

One of the things we will do this book is think about the title.


  • Feeling outside your new community
  • Moving out away from your home and friends
  • Surviving the journey out to a new land
  • Facing the fear of being out on the open deck of a boat
  • Time without her father
  • Camping outside while they hide from men with guns

Here is a set of teaching notes.  You might like to read this review in Reading Time.

We will read this book to our Grade 3-6 classes and with the older groups we will compare this text with My Two Blankets, Ziba came by Boat, the 2016 Picture Book Winner Flight by Nadia Wheatley and Stefiana's dancing slippers.  We will also look at our books illustrated by Owen Swan - Anzac Biscuits, Newspaper hats, Hide and seek, Lilli Pilli the Frog Princess and Mr friend Tertius.

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