Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Old titles worth finding - great to Read-aloud

Read-aloud Classics

I am sorting through 33 years of teaching papers.  It will take me a very long time. I came across a set of lists today that I made in about 1986 (typed not on a computer) of books for K-2.

Here are a few old books which are gems - many will be out of print but you might find them in a school or public library. 

For Kindergarten

Peace at Last by Jill Murphy
Humphrey's Bear by Jan Wahl
The Kinder Hat by Morag Loh
Bear Hunt by Anthony Browne
Stickybeak by Hazel Edwards
Dreadful David by Sally Odgers
Moon Cake by Frank Asch

For Year One

The Silver Christmas Tree by Pat Hutchins
My dog's a scaredy cat by Duncan Ball
I'll always love you by Hans Wilhelm
The Giant Jam Sandwich by John Lord
The boy who was followed home by Margaret Mahy
Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge by Mem Fox
Five minutes peace by Jill Murphy
Arthur by Amanda Graham
Felix and Alexander by Terry Denton

For Year Two

On the way home by Jill Murphy
Where's Julius by John Burningham
The man whose mother was a pirate by Margaret Mahy
A house for Wombats by Jane Burrell
Sloppy Kisses by Elizabeth Winthrop
I'm coming to get you by Tony Ross
A rabbit named Harris by Nan Hunt
Fey Mouse by Hazel Edwards
The mice next door by Anthony Knowles
Herbert and Harry by Pamela Allen
The pain and the great one by Judy Blume
Murgatroyd's garden by Judy Zavos

I don't usually do many lists but I was looking for a way to keep a copy of this one and using my blog seemed the perfect solution.  I did not list here every book I noted back in 1986 just some that I know really do work as read-aloud titles.  Making this list will also give me some ideas about books I need to talk about on this blog over the coming months.

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