Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Pecan Pie Baby by Jacqueline Woodson illustrated by Sophie Blackall

The new baby is coming.  Mama is happy but Gia is not. "And I knew what was coming next - more talk about the ding-dang baby."  I love that expression ding-dang baby.

Mama explains the baby will come with the first fall of snow. Gia watches the seasons change and leaves falling off the trees. She listens to her aunties talking about the baby and watches her uncles assembly the crib. She hopes the snow will never fall.

"Some days I sat on the stoop thinking about all the years it has been just me and Mama."

At Thanksgiving everything comes to a head.  Gia explodes. "Upstairs I got that teary, choky feeling. And even though there were a lot of people in my house, I felt real, real, real alone."  But all is not lost.  Yes the baby will come but Mama reassures Gia she will still be loved and their time before the ding-dang baby will remain special and of course all three of them will be able to share some pecan pie!

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Take at look at this review which includes many of the fabulous illustrations.  You can see all of Sophie Blackall's books here.  You can see my reviews of two other wonderful novels by Jacqueline Woodson.  The quality is not great but you can hear Jacqueline and Sophie talking at the Horn Book honor ceremony.

Fresh and wise - Kirkus
the book is filled with great heart and empathy for a young spirit.  A book and a hug

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