Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Cody and the fountain of happiness by Tricia Springstubb illustrated by Eliza Wheeler

As I keep mentioning I am constantly on the hunt for 'good' easy chapter books for our younger students.  Here is a brilliant one I just found in my local public library and I am so happy to discover there are three in the series.

First off the endorsement on the back cover from Sara Pennypacker caught my eye. Then I read the first page and I was hooked!

In this life, many things are beautiful:
100% on your spelling test
Turtles with their cute thumb shaped heads
But if Cody had to name the most beautiful thing in the world, it would be ...
The first day of summer vacation.
Which was today.

Cody lives in suburban America with her mum who sells shoes in a large store, her father who is a truck driver and her brother Wyatt who wants to be a surgeon. He is also in love with Payton Underwood so things become interesting when Mum hires Payton to babysit Cody.

Cody has a loving family. I really like the way this is explained :

"Wyatt put her in his famous, escape proof headlock. As anyone with a big brother knows, this is what they do when they really, truly, in their heart of hearts, they want to hug you."

"Some grown-ups give so much advice, you don't need to listen. ... But not Dad. His advice was rare and precious as golden coins."

"Dad's talent was giving magic hugs. When you were in the middle of one, you magically felt kind toward the whole world."

"Cody scooted close and rubbed her mother's back in steady circles, the way the earth goes around the sun. She'd learned how to do this from Mom herself."

Mum is working and dad is away all week so Cody will need to go to Summer Camp but at the last minute the camp is cancelled. Cody is so happy especially now she has met a new friend named Spencer.  He is visiting his grandmother, he has lost his cat, he is unhappy, lonely and desperately in need of a friend - Cody is perfect for this role.

Listen the first chapter on audio here. Read this review for more plot details.

It’s hard not to cheer for Cody, with her sunny disposition and penchant for optimistic similes. Kirkus

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