Sunday, March 25, 2018

Mouse and Mole Fine Feathered Friends by Wong Herbert Yee

I have discovered another book in the Mouse and Mole series and I am happy!  Mouse and Mole are different but this is not an obstacle to their friendship. Mouse and Mole have different talents but this is not an obstacle to their friendship. Things go wrong but Mouse and Mole stay firm friends.

Mouse and Mole -  Fine feathered friends begins with a bird watching excursion. Unfortunately everything goes wrong and the birds fly away. I love the way Mole does not blame Mouse and equally Mouse does not blame Mole. Luckily Mouse is a problem solver. Birds are not afraid of birds so Mouse and Mole disguise themselves as birds, make a sturdy nest and hide in a tree to await the arrival of the birds.  When the birds come Mole completes a series of brilliant pictures and Mouse discovers she has a talent for poetry.  Their day ends with the compilation of their book:
"We can call it Feathered Friends!' 'Fine Feathered Friends,' Mouse added. With poems by Mouse,' chuckled Mole. 'And pictures by Mole,' giggled Mouse. Molebird gave Mousebird a double high-five."

You can listen to a sample audio version of this book.  These beginning chapter books are perfect for young readers who are just gaining confidence. There are short chapters, a warm and satisfying conclusion and small coloured illustrations which support the text.

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