Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Motormouth by Sherryl Clark

If you are a motormouth does it mean you talk to much or does it mean you talk to much about cars or does it mean you know a lot about cars?

This is the season for verse novels and here is one for the boys! Motormouth by Sherryl Clark is a terrific emotional roller coaster ride as we piece together the truth about Josh, the new kid in town and discover what has happened to Dave all through the eyes of their friend Chris.

The impact of this book reminded me of Steven Herrick and Tom Jones Saves the world or Do wrong Ron.

There are some great little gems in this writing “this kid Josh sticks to me like chewie on my runners.”…. "Dad takes to Josh like a flea to a dog”….

This is a very short book but it is so powerful. The illustrations, end papers and black and white graphics are just perfect. I think this book would be great reading for senior boys who have not yet discovered just how a book can tug at your emotions and include some funny parts too!

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