Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Clumsies make a mess by Sorrel Anderson (alias the Clumsies)

Here is another little gem – a junior novel easy to read and heaps of fun! The Clumsies make a Mess arrived in our library last week and I was keen to read it because on flicking open the pages you discover three things – this looks like a long book (198 pages) but it is not, the print is huge (which I love) and the words are crazy (just like Geronimo Stilton). Crazy words? I wonder what the technical term is for this. If the word is jumped then the word looks like it is jumping, if the word is down then it goes down and so on.

Howard Armitage is in a very boring job which seems to mainly involve meetings and reports. His boss, the aptly named Mr Bullerton, is on the war path. Thank goodness that in books special friends like mice, elephants and dogs can help you. These mice have the most fabulous names Mickey Thompson and Purvis, the elephant is called Ortrud and the dog is Allen. Howard loves coffee and sausages and all difficulties are solved by starting with a cup of tea.

This little book is just perfect for children junior grades. Each chapter is a self contained story. It reminded me of Letters from a mouse by Herbie Brennan which is a little book I am always keen to recommend and the good news a second book about these Clumsies should arrive soon. I also wondered if Sorrel Anderson might be related to Scoular Anderson?

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Sorrel said...

Hi Momo, it's Sorrel Anderson here. I'm so pleased you enjoyed the Clumsies - they're going to be very excited when I tell them they have a fan in Australia! A big Clumsies hello to everyone there.
With best wishes,
Sorrel x
(btw, I'm not related to Scoular Anderson, sadly.)