Saturday, June 26, 2010

Orange Silver Sausage a collection of poems without rhymes from Zephaniah to Agard Compiled by James Carter and Graham Denton

Orange Silver Sausage a collection of poems without rhymes from Zephaniah to Agard is a very special poetry book. I knew this was a winner from the title and lovely book design – this book has rounded edges. Zephaniah to Agard refers to the poets who write about every thing from libraries to caterpillars, adventures to seasons. In this book of fifty poems you will find well loved poets such as Jane Yolen, Roger McGough, Alan Ahlberg, Ted Hughes, John Foster and Michael Rosen. Walker books describe this book as 'classy and stylish' and I completely agree.

My favourites are right near the beginning Library and Caterpillar’s Lullaby. There are some great writing and performance tips at the end of the book. I would like to see this very special little book on every teacher’s desk. Just open this book at any page and you will find a poem to treasure and share.

After the book is closed

Whether it is in the words
or their meanings,
Or the sounds they make
or the way they echo one another;
Or simply the pictures
they paint in the imagination,
Or the idea they begin
or their rhythms

whether it’s the words
or their histories,
Their curious journeys
from one language to the next
Or simply the shapes they make
in the mouth –
Tongue and lips moving,
breath flowing.

Whether it’s the words
or the letters used
To spell them, the patterns
they make on the page;
Or simply the way they call feelings
into the open
Like a fox seem suddenly in a field
from a hurrying train…

Whether it’s the word
or the spaces between –
The white silences
among the dark print,
I do not know.
But I know this; that a poem
Will sing in my mind
long after the book is closed.

Gerard Benson

If you love poetry, if you love sharing poetry with children, if you have room in your collection for one more poetry book or even if you don't have room - grab this book - I am sure you will love it.

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