Saturday, July 13, 2013

Because by Richard Torrey

When you read a picture book to a young child it should be an opportunity for a conversation.  Because is the perfect book for this because nothing is explained.  The reader has to fill in all the gaps.

"My mum says 'because' is not a real answer.  But I think it is."

Our little hero needs to find the toy in the cereal box, make a washing basket spaceship and experiment with a whole box of band-aids. Along the way he and his dog make a a great amount of mess and have a lot of fun.  My favourite page is when Jack has to send his dog to the naughty corner for cheating at checkers.

This book has perfect and joyful illustrations.  It reminded me of the wonderful Barney Saltzberg and his character Cornelius P Mud.

There are two other books in this series - Why? and Almost so we will need to add them to our shopping list.

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