Sunday, July 28, 2013

The twenty-seventh Annual African Hippopotamus race by Morris Lurie

A colleague of mine has been reading the classic story The Twenty-Seventh Annual African Hippopotamus Race to our Grade 2 classes over the last few weeks so I decided it was time to listen to the audio book.

This story is such a treat.  You just know from the beginning that Edward is destined to win this important race along the Zamboola River. It is a long journey to race day but Edward never looses his happy manner and joyful wonder. "Gosh" is his favourite word and each time it is repeated I just smiled and smiled.  I know when we were reading this book in the library everyone was cheering as Edward reached the last stages of his race.

It might amaze you to discover this book is 44 years old.  Here is a web quest based on this book. Here is a set of worksheets and a story extract.

I have been recommending this book, especially during Olympic years, for a long time.  I am glad I found our CD so I could listen to this terrific story of courage and determination.  One more thing to mention.  Edward has brilliant support from his whole family - mum, dad and his special grandfather who is himself a former race winner.

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