Thursday, July 2, 2015

Blown away by Rob Biddulph

Stories told in rhyme always hold special appeal for young children.  Blown Away is a terrific example.  It is also a wonderful celebration of co-operation and team work.

A windy day.
A brand new kite.
For Penguin Blue
a maiden flight.

Needless to say Penguin Blue is blown away along with some wonderful friends who try to stop his kite.

The other joy you will find in Blown Away are all the visual jokes. On first reading you might miss the little stowaway from the jungle who joins the voyage back to Antarctica. Similarly the gorilla on the last page will provide a good discussion point.  Make sure you also take time to read all the little signs too - such as "You are leaving the Antarctic. Please swim carefully."

Blown Away is the winner of Waterstones Children's Book Prize for 2015.

Here is a set of puzzles based on this book and some drawing ideas from the author.  Here is an interview with Rob Biddulph.  Make sure you read the Kirkus review too.

You might also enjoy A wish for wings that work by Berkeley Breathed which is another splendid example of team work.

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