Saturday, July 18, 2015

Dragon loves penguin by Debi Gliori

The best stories of all are the ones we share with our loved ones.  Stories that relate to your own family such as the story of the day you were born. Dragon loves penguin is a story just like this. It is warm and affirming and has a most surprising twist at the end.

"Please ...' says Bib, 'can I have a story? The one about the dragons?'
'Oh, Bib,' sighs his mummy, 'just one story, and then it's night, night, sleep tight.'
'Don't let the frost bite' says Bib, snuggling in."

Perhaps these will become your new night time words...

What do penguins and dragons have in common?  They both lay eggs. At the end of winter one dragon has no egg.  The others have eggs of all sizes and colours.  The She Dragon flies away to the land of ice and snow where she discovers an egg but when it hatches this little one is quite different from all the others.

We have fifteen books by Debi Gliori in our school library.  I am not sure why I haven't included at least one in this blog.  I especially enjoy reading Penguin Post to our Grade One students.

You might also enjoy Fey Mouse by Hazel Edwards or Are you my mother? by PD Eastman or The Ugly Duckling.

Here is the author web site.

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