Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Misty by Christine Dencer illustrated by Jessica Meserve

I spend a great deal of time reading reviewing journals and online book sites which means I cannot remember where I heard about Misty.  I guess this is not important.  The main thing is that this little book is a very welcome addtion to our library collection and in particular our collection of very simple beginner chapter books that somehow manage to contain terrific stories presented in just a few words and pages.

Sophie is terrified of dogs.  Her friend Stanley has a huge black dog called Misty.  Sophie simply cannot visit her friend or play in his garden since Misty arrived.  Then Stanley has a accident and someone needs to deliver his get-well cards.  Sophie volunteers but then realizes she will have to get past Misty.

"So I sit on my front steps.  Misty sits at the end of her long rope across the street at Stanley's house. 'Where's is Stanley?' I call.  Misty wags her tail. 'Woof!' she says.  I do not understand."

Of course there is a solution to this problem but taking those first steps into Stanley's front yard takes enormous courage.  I guess this might be the first book in a series. I hope the next title arrives very soon.

You can read the true story and inspiration for this book here.  Misty was short listed for the Chocolate Lily Awards which is a children's choice award in British Columbia, Canada.  I should also mention the illustrator Jessica Meserve.  We have her Daisy Dawson books in our school library - they are another little book series which I adore.

You might also like to read Iris and Walter and also the Annie and Simon books.

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