Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Sweet by Kathryn Littlewood

  • Step one read my review of Bliss the first book in this trilogy.
  • Step two set aside a couple of hours (maybe 3) and settle back - if you can read this book in one sitting you will be richly rewarded
  • Step three tell your friends about this series!

A grade five student at my school returned after our recent holidays with a huge bundle of books and when I inquired which had been her favourite she did not hesitate to name Bliss.  I was so excited to tell her the sequel had arrived and that it was on my back shelf waiting to go home with me!  I passed it over and one day later (yes one day later and it has 299 pages) this eager student returned with a happy smile.  She loved Sweet and could she please take book three Bite-sized magic.

Over the weekend it was my turn to read Sweet.

At the end of Bliss the horrible Lily had ridden off with the family's ancient and precious magic cookbook.  Rose blames herself and so she is determined to retrieve the Bliss Cookery Booke.  A challenge is issued.  Rose will meet Lily at the Gala des Gateaux Grands in Paris.  This is an international desert baking competition and here is a description of the judge Jean-Pierre Jeanpierre.

"In a sense, he truly was the pope of baking.  From her reading she knew that he took seven lumps of sugar in his morning coffee, that he'd had his hometown of St Aubergine renamed St Jeanpierre, and that he slept exclusively on pillow made of angel food cake which he baked fresh every evening."

As a reader you know Rose will win the competition but that is not the point.  The real thrill comes from how she wins and all the twists and turns of plot that Kathryn Littlewood throws her way right to the end many of which I simply did not see coming.  There is also joy in the way this family work as a team and in their Paris adventures especially when they visit Notre Dame in the middle of the night and dance with the gargoyles.

In America, Sweet is called A dash of magic.  I have placed a few different covers below including the one from book three which I plan to read very soon.  If you want to read a little sample from Sweet click here.

If you are looking for a sweet treat (pun intended) go out and grab a copy of Sweet - you will love every bite!

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