Sunday, March 6, 2016

Apple Pigs by Ruth Gary Orbach

Many years ago a Teacher Librarian friend and I were chatting about books perhaps books on a theme - I don't remember and the title Apple Pigs was mentioned.  I did not know this book but my friend exclaimed it was one of her favourites (and as a Teacher Librarian she has read thousands of books so this is a big call).  I knew we had this book in our school library but it was in very poor shape.  I am not sure how it had missed being culled.  I pulled it off the shelf and put it safely into my office planning to read it to classes but limit the actual loaning.  Later that year I gave it to one of our most talented Kindergarten teachers. She loved this little book and so did her class and YES they even made apple pigs.

While I was on holiday in January this year I visited  Deniliquin in NSW and I walked into the local newsagency.  They have a splendid book section and one of the first books I spied was Apple Pigs in a brand new edition and in hardcover.

This little book was originally published in 1976.  It is written in rhyme and it is a treasure.

Apple fritters,
apple custard
Father made.

Apple strudel,
apples dried,
apple pigs were
Mother's pride.

I would follow this book up with Jam by Margaret Mahy which is a huge favourite of mine, The Apple Pie Tree by Zoe Hall and The Crooked Apple Tree by Eric Houghton.  Apples are a minor theme in our school for our Kindergarten classes so we have a good selection of stories about apples and non fiction books about this delicious fruit too.  Here is a collection of other books - we don't have all of these in our library but you might find some you can enjoy.

One of the things they mention in this book is an Apple Pan Dowdy.  I was curious so I looked for a recipe.  It sounds as delicious as the name.

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