Sunday, March 6, 2016

Paul meets Bernadette A goldfish love story by Rosy Lamb

Paul meets Bernadette is an absolutely perfect picture book for all ages from Kindergarten right through to adults who need to be reminded we can view the world in so many different ways.

Paul, as you have seen in the trailer above, has only ever experienced life in his bowl.  Swimming around and around day after day. Then Bernadette arrives. She shows him a boat, a forest, a cactus, an elephant, the sun and the moon and so much more.

Paul finds a new world view, he finds Bernadette and he finds contentment.  Take a look at this link to read further glowing reviews of this special book.  Here is a set of teaching ideas from the publisher.  You might also enjoy Chester and Gill by Carol Faulkner illustrated by Ann James.

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