Thursday, November 16, 2017

Colin the cart horse by Gavin Puckett pictures by Tor Freeman

This appealing junior novel Colin the cart horse is so funny. It is told in rhyme, there are complex words which appeal to me and lots of bottom burps which will appeal to young readers.  It also has colourful and appealing illustrations.

Colin happily lives on the farm, working hard and eating hay but one day he discovers three other delightful foods.  The pigs are eating pellets, the chickens are eating corn and the cows are eating a trough of mixed vegetables. Colin eats a large amount of each until he is full.  Nothing goes to waste on this farm.  His manure is used to grow vegetables on the farm.  Eating a new diet changes the manure. The farmer sees an immediate change :

"He looked at his veggies and gasped with surprise
As they grew and developed in front of his eyes.
The pumpkins expanded to three times their size
His beanstalks grew tall and continued to rise."

The farmer can see fame and fortune coming from this so he provides Colin with an abundance of these new foods.  Unfortunately there are disastrous, smelly and exploding consequences.  The solution is ingenious.

Here are some examples of the rich vocabulary used by Gavin Puckett :

  • yield
  • grafted
  • conjunction
  • astray
  • mused
  • gorged
  • palpitations

There are three books in this series and I think they would make an excellent addition to any Primary school library.  Here is a review worth reading.

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