Sunday, June 24, 2018

Just right for Two by Tracey Corderoy illustrated Rosalind Beardshaw

About a week ago I was sitting in a small public library in London browsing their picture books when I saw Just right for Two

Dog has a big, blue suitcase and it contains so many special things such as a really good stick, some dancing leaves and a big, red shiny button. "I have everything I need!"  Or does he? Mouse arrives. He is curious about the contents of the suitcase. Then Mouse suggests the pair enjoy a game of hide and seek.  That evening, after Mouse leaves, Dog looks in his suitcase and it seems something is missing.  This book would be absolutely perfect to share with a young child. It is a truly comforting story.

I would follow this book with Pig and Small, Lost and Found and Herman's Letter.  You could also link this book with our CBCA 2018 slogan "Find your Treasure."  Here is a video reading of the whole book.

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