Tuesday, June 26, 2018

The Big-Hearted book by Nicholas Allan

Babette and Bill were joined by a ribbon of hearts. 
They were always together.

In London recently I visited the wonderful Illustration Cupboard. Along with their exciting collection of fabulous original art work they also have some shelves of children's books. I sat down and did some browsing and discovered The Big-Hearted book. This was published in 2013 but it was new to me.

Babette and Bill are friends but they do have their differences. They don't like the same food, or the same stories and Bill always wins their running races. One day Babette simply stops. She cannot run, or finish reading the story or even get out of bed. Babette needs to go to hospital. Bill tries to get on without Babette but he cannot do things alone. Babette has her heart repaired in hospital and she returns to full strength and comes back to her friend Bill.

This book was written in support of the International Children's Heart Foundation.

I would pair The Big-Hearted book with A friend like Ed and Mr Nick's Knitting by Margaret Wild.

If you have not yet discovered the wonderful books of Nicholas Allan I recommend heading into your library where you are sure to find a few. These are in our school library.

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