Saturday, August 4, 2018

Little Beaver and the Echo by Amy MacDonald illustrated by Sarah Fox-Davies DVD read by Emilia Fox

"When you are sad, the Echo is sad,' said the wise old beaver. 'When you are happy, the Echo is happy too."

Little Beaver and the Echo has long been a favourite book. I have read it aloud to our youngest students for many years but I had no idea there was an edition that included a DVD. Walker Books do products like this so well. In our school library we have the DVD sets of We're going on a bear Hunt by Michael Rosen, Our House illustrated by Bob Graham and Owl Babies by Martin Waddell.

Little Beaver is lonely. He cries out down by the lake and immediately hears the cries of another sad soul across the water. He sets off to investigate picking up duck, otter and turtle on the way. He needs to talk to the wise old beaver about the other beaver on the far side of the lake. The old beaver tries to explain about echoes but Little Beaver is confused.

"But how can I find him and be his friend? ... He doesn't have any friends, and neither do I."

Wait a minute - you do have friends. Little Beaver. The Duck, the otter and the turtle all explain they are now his true friends.  Little Beaver is so happy and your young reading companion will be too! And if you can find this DVD edition you could follow your reading with a viewing of this beautifully presented and gentle little movie.

Another echo book that I would pair with this is Happy Birthday Moon by Frank Asch.

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