Friday, January 8, 2010

Found Margaret Peterson Haddix

This is such a marvelous book up to the last 60 pages which I found thoroughly confusing. A plane lands late at night in Chicago. Angela DuPre is the only witness to this strange event. There is no record for this plane, there appears to be no pilot or co-pilot and most surprising there are 36 babies sitting all alone in the plane seats.

Thirteen years later we meet Jonah and Chip. Both are adopted, both are thirteen and both have received somewhat sinister letters addressed in plain envelopes.

With the help of Katherine, Jonah’s sister, the three kids piece together this mystery or perhaps a better word would be conspiracy. Who are these 36 children? Where did they come from? And why does someone want to gather and silence them?

This is a book for Senior students who enjoy thrillers. I hope that book two The Missing will help me understand those last 60 pages. The author has a terrific web site.

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