Monday, January 25, 2010

Problem Child by James Roy

If you have no idea what a rhetorical question is then you should read this book. If you think practical jokes are okay then you should read this book. If you have ever been a bully you should read this book. If you have had trouble with bullies you should read this book. If you love to eat pies for lunch then you should definitely read this book!

In fact nearly every chapter begins with a pie eating lunch as our hero Max Quigley, the naughtiest boy in the school, navigates the hazards of the playground, friends, teachers, little kids, parents and most of all one very special boy called Triffin Nordstrom. Triffin Nordstrom now there is a name any bully would capitalize on and that is certainly what happens to Nordstrom – Max Quigley makes his life hell.

This bullying all comes to a head on a class excursion to a cake factory. Max eats too many cheesecakes and Triffin is left behind when the bus leaves. “By the time we were down to our last cheesecake we were feeling very sick but I couldn’t go home and tell mum that we could only get one cake for ten dollars, so we decided to get rid of it. By eating it. That was when I threw up. It was a heaps big spew that’s for sure, right in the aisle of the bus." Meanwhile "Me and Jared had pushed Nerdstrom out one of the exits in the seconds shop, and there was a sign on the door that said THIS DOOR LOCKS FROM THE INSIDE, EMERGENCY EXIT ONLY."

This book made me laugh, groan and cheer. It is a must read for senior primary boys. I knew right from the first sentence I would enjoy this very funny book. In fact I would really like to send a copy to Mr K (see my side bar) because I know he would love it. The author James Roy also has a terrific web site.

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