Monday, January 25, 2010

Sorry Miss Folio by Jo Furtado illustrated by Frederic Joos

It is now just over a year since I first started my Momo Blog and I am so happy to say this is book number 100!

Sorry Miss Folio is the perfect book for a librarian (although I am really a Teacher-Librarian and there is an important difference). The opening pages have no text and this usually causes some consternation when I read this book each year to our youngest students. How can it be a 'real' book if there is no story?

Then we look more closely and discover there is a 'story' an important story here about visiting the public library, at Christmas, and borrowing a book.

The real fun comes one month later when the book is due to be returned. Unfortunately something has happened and so it goes on month after month... Sorry Miss Folio...

an elephant sat on your book

I left it outside in the rain

an ostrich swallowed it at the zoo

a burglar stole it

My brother threw it into a nettle bush

it went to Aberdeen with Catherine's luggage

it is in a hole outside the library

I left it on the bus

and.... my favourite "My brother tied your book to a rocket and sent it up in the sky and it came down in the old canal and my dad found it floating the next morning and he waded in and got very smelly and so is the book very smelly and my mum is getting rid of the pong for you..."

Sorry Miss Folio is a simple little picture book with a warm message about imagination and reading and libraries. I treasure reading it, with lots of funny voices, to young students at the start of each school year.

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