Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Joe’s Boat by Raewyn Caisley illustrated by Anne Spidvilas

If you love boats and fishing and have ever enjoyed a special afternoon with your dad then this is the book for you. Great Uncle Alan has died but he has left behind a wonderful yellow boat in his shed. At first Joe’s dad is too busy to go fishing but early one morning Alan’s old friend Bob arrives. He won’t take no for answer and so three generations set out on an early dawn fishing expedition which ends in a delicious beach feast of freshly smoked fish.

Simple phrases make this sensitive and joyous story a real pleasure to read. “The boat pulled and tugged, hungry for the sea as Dad steered it down the ramp.” After the day Joe sits on the beach looking at the boat. “He loved it more than any game or toy anyone had ever bought him.”

Here is another Aussie Nibble which will be enjoyed by our youngest students.


raewyn caisley said...

I'm very glad you like my book!

Momo said...

It is so exciting for me when the author finds my blog! Thanks Raewyn.