Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A strange little monster by Sue Whiting illustrated by Stephen Michael King

Sasha is a monster living in Grotty Hollow but she is not like any of her companions or family members. Sasha likes a quiet life and she loves to play her flute with her grandfather. One night, after an awful meal of slug stew which has left her with a tummy ache, Sasha overhears her parents talking about her failure to behave as a monster. Worse her mother is actually crying. “She had never heard her mother or father cry before. Grotty Hollow monsters were too tough for crying.”

Sasha is so worried she decides to conform. She becomes a model monster but deep in her heart she knows this is not her true nature. On the day of the Hide and Go Scare games Sasha runs away only to be confronted by a Mountain Troll and he likes to eat little monsters! Her only weapon is her flute. Will Sasha save the day? Of course she will? Will her family accept her differences and love this strange little monster? Yes yes yes!!

This is another fairly new Aussie Nibble and for me it is another winner.

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